About the Mitchell Rangers

Mitchell Rangers Soccer Club (MRSC) was established in 2003 by a group of parents committed to broadening the diversity of sporting opportunities in the southern Mitchell Shire and neighbouring towns.

We are a ‘family oriented club’ managed and run by dedicated volunteers who give their time freely and without hesitation. Our ethos is to promote amongst members, family and spectators alike, sportsmanlike behaviour and team spirit by praising and encouraging team members and respecting all players, including opponents … we discourage any form of public or private humiliation when a player makes a mistake. Whilst the coaches at times need to point out how the player could have performed differently to achieve a positive outcome, this is done in a non-aggressive, non-threatening manner as the main focus is always placed on the positive aspects of a players abilities. We understand that the main reason our players want to turn up and play is to enjoy themselves, and so we ensure all players get time on the pitch. We do not encourage motivating players by placing them under unreasonable amounts of pressure to perform.

As the majority of members are children our home ground is a designated ‘no smoking’ area. We also encourage preventable injuries by promoting stretching and warm up exercises, and drinking an adequate supply of water or isotonic drinks to avoid dehydration before, during and after training and matches.

The club continues to grow and thrive from its small beginnings (45 Players) in 2003, with the number of registered players at 204 in 2017 and growing. Rangers have players from Beveridge to Seymour and are based in Broadford at the Broadford Sport Pavilion at the very end of Pinniger Street.

Pour your heart out on the field


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